Get to know us and our history

We, at CH.K Restaurants, were the first who attempted to promote the local cuisine in a form of a quick service restaurant chain, setting a high bar on quality of service and products.

We have envisioned a chain of restaurants where the customer would enjoy the local Greek/Cypriot cuisine with an abundance of new and innovative elements on the menu. In 2009, we materialized that idea, and we have called it ‘O Gyros tou Cosmou’. It was highly endorsed from the public.
We wouldn’t stop there. In 2014 we opened a brand new QSR, offering the diverse and rich tastes and aromas of the Asian world at affordable prices and at the consumer’s convenience. We’ve named that “Xie Xie”, fresh oriental cuisine and sushi boutique
The initial priority was to satisfy the customer’s needs and save them from unnecessary hassle. To achieve this, we decided to combine the totally different cuisines in one open-plan kitchen restaurant, named the ‘Food Place’.

Through careful considerations and with the right people for the job, we managed to house our innovative takes on the local Greek Cypriot and Asian cuisine, without compromising the quality of either.

This way, our customers can order for the whole family’s taste with a single visit - or a single call, enjoying fast delivery service within a range that allows fresh consumption and seamless transportation.
Traceability and sustainability are so important for us here at CH.K Restaurants. That’s why we manage to get the finest materials and ingredients in the market.

We keep a direct and personal communication with our suppliers, who undergo constant quality checks in terms of freshness and temperature and are all HACCP certified, to ensure the best products reach our customers.

Our vegetables are handpicked from local markets on a daily basis, and used at once to maintain crunchiness and nutritional value.

Our sauces are tailored to our own strict standards, allowing our customer to be creative with their food.
But what really makes us special, is that every year we devote a countless amount of time, effort and resources into research and development, to evolve, minimize food waste and bring fresh, innovative and exciting ideas to the table and to the consumer.

Creating is a part of our success. The amount of work the CH.K Restaurants team invests, so we can excel and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, was from the beginning oriented towards our vision for our future investors. While looking for ways to minimise the risk for our investors, we have not just another investment opportunity but we are looking for passionate people to run this.
We are turning through the procedures of creating a platform that will help investors deal with the growth of their business while avoiding the initial setbacks.

We have constructed the formulas for your consulting, marketing, interior design, set-up, financial and feasibility studies, recipes, ways of presentation and media, making us an utterly complete solution for all the levels of investment!

We took the risk for you and watched it work. Our team is prepared to present the franchise to you, with attention to detail. Our current investors disclose an estimated 2-year ROI.

We are highly devoted to what we do and we are rewarded by the public’s endorsement.
Join our family.